For the questions below, please note that several answers are possible.

UNLIKELY - Paul and Cecile do seem to experience some friction over the way in which Paul insists on paying for the meal. This could be seen as typically gendered behaviour, and Cecile’s unimpressed expression and attempt to split the cheque with Paul demonstrate that she does not expect her date to pay. Other than that they both seem happy to take fairly equal and not overly gendered roles on the date. Neither party has too much to say about their gender expression, and so this is not the major reason there won’t be a second date.

UNLIKELY - During the date Paul spoke about his mother and grandmother very often, which made Cecile think that his family will be present in their relationship and might be too intrusive. In France, people usually don’t speak about their families during a first date. Family is more private and hearing all questions and stories from Paul was alarming for Cecile. Although Paul spoke a lot about his family, this is very common in the US and so he may not have actually felt like his family would be so involved.

MOST LIKELY - Paul and Cecile both had different ideas about appropriate topics of conversation for a first date. While Paul felt talking about his family showed a healthy relationship with them and a caring dependable side of himself, Cecile thought it meant that he was a ‘mama’s boy’. In France it is unusal to mention family on a first date, which is considered to be more about seduction. Paul’s behaviour on the date also caused contention, while Celine felt his relaxed manner at the table, his loud speaking voice and brusque treatment of the waiter to be rude, Paul felt he was showing his ease, confidence. As for clicking the waiter, this is very common in the USA and justified in Paul’s opinion by the hansom tip he received at the end.

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